We proudly present a new breed of imaging sound fx

Dodo fx “Imaging sounds like you never heard”.

High quality fx

Hundreds of high quality radio imaging sound fx
that will lift your production to the next level.
All Dodo fx are recorded in pristine quality.
Dodo fx packages are delivered via download
in 44 kHz 16 bit resolution WAV.

About Dodo radio imaging sound fx
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Dodo's imaging sound fx are specially made
for today’s professional, innovative, creative,
weirdo, freaky, passionate imaging believers
and their audience.
Radio imaging sound fx like you never heard.

They Are Designers. They Are Innovators. They Are The Dodo's.

They are the creative minds, those who barely see the light of day.
Tweaking, exploring, discovering, designing, innovating, they are the Dodo's.

About Dodo radio imaging sound fx


Sound designer
Raised by The Dodo himself. A unique breed. Obsessed by sound in all its known forms... this is as 'Dodo' as it gets!
About Dodo radio imaging sound fx

Raphus Cucullatus

Does not fly. Is capable of producing incredible noises. Do not feed this animal!
About Dodo radio imaging sound fx


Sound designer
Does fly... on a few cups of coffee. Addicted to gear and endless knob tweaking. 100% Dodo certified!
About Dodo radio imaging sound fx

The Egg

The brains behind Dodo fx
Hatched near the Mare aux Songes swamp. Born with a sole purpose: radio imaging! Mission accomplished.

"Well quite impressive…
Dodo FX is a series of sound FX you will not hear anywhere else… its a MUST have!!!"

"What’s a bird doing on a rollercoaster … kebammmmmm …
Dodo FX will sound great … on my show!"

Do do dots - "It’s a must have FX package for every radio producer,
download for free now"

"I like and prefer using these effects for the imaging of my radio show.
There's always something useful that makes your production stand out from the crowd."

"Hola saludos Bolivia
buenos lo efex megustan mucho"


"All the tools needed
for tight, crisp and fresh imaging!"


"This imaging animal surely settles for a high standard!
Approved :)"


“I just bought Dodokini's for WQFN. Excellent stuff!
I'll say, for 50 bucks, you get an amazing image package designed with great summer sounds.”

“Got mine last year... The stations I do imaging for love them!
And they work good with all formats.”

"Alert! The competition will go extinct
with these FX libraries + PLUS Free FX

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