Dodokini’s Summer radio branding fx

Dodokini’s: over 50 unique summer radio branding fx that will heat up your station. Ready to go imaging sounds containing the ‘elements’ of summer.


Dodokini's - summer radio branding fx

Dodo fx presents over 50 unique imaging sounds that will heat up your station.
Dodokini's: ready to go imaging sounds containing the 'elements' of summer.

This year you will not have to search for splashes, sizzles, ice cubes, waves, whistles, drums, etc.
We have already taken care of the job and...
With Dodokini's we have lifted 'summer' imaging to the next level!

They come in cup C (which is in our opinion the minimal standard and equals 'small'), cup D (medium) and cup E (big) variations.
All Dodokini's are delivered via download in 48 kHz 24 bit resolution.

Dodokini’s, for a real HOT summer!

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