We proudly present a new breed of imaging sound fx

Dodo fx “Imaging sounds like you never heard”.

High quality fx

Over 300 high quality imaging radio sound effects that will lift your production to the next level.
All Dodo fx are recorded in 96 kHz 32 bit resolution. Dodo fx is delivered via download in 48 kHz 24 bit resolution


Dodo fx are specially made for today’s professional, innovative, creative, weirdo, freaky, passionate imaging believers and their audience. Radio imaging sounds like you never heard.

They Are Designers. They Are Innovators. They Are The Dodo’s.

They are the creative minds, those who barely see the light of day.
Tweaking, exploring, discovering, designing, innovating, they are the Dodo’s.

Dodo FX launched this year and the feedback from the community is just positive. Why? The sounds are just so unique, but modern and packs a lot of punch


The effects of Dodo FX are varied, fresh and fashionable.
I like and prefer using these effects for the imaging of my radio show.
There's always something useful that makes your production stand out from the crowd!

Selwyn Donia, producer Dolfijn FM WeekendMix (Curacao)

Well quite impressive... DODO FX IS a series of sound FX you will not hear anywhere else... Its a MUST have!!!

Claude Napoleoni

This should definitely be the talk of the imaging town!
Dodo fx is the way to go.


I just bought Dodokini's for WQFN. Excellent stuff! I'll say, for 50 bucks, you get an amazing image package designed with great summer sounds

Rob Walker

This imaging animal surely settles for a high standard!
Approved 🙂


Get this imaging animal today and your competition
is as dead as a Dodo